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Though it is not often discussed in polite company, infidelity is an unfortunately commonplace occurrence and affects many of us. As private investigators, we deal with infidelity cases frequently. We handle these cases all the time and ensure confidentiality and professionalism. You would be surprised how many of your neighbors, co-workers and friends have gone through the same thing. Though you may feel hesitant about getting a private investigator involved, there are many benefits to doing so. If you are considering filing for divorce, or are seeking a formal custody arrangement, capturing evidence of a cheating spouse on video can greatly assist in any court proceeding. Without such evidence, any case quickly devolves into a he-said-she-said affair, devoid of civility and objectivity. In many instances of infidelity, divorce is not the desired outcome. In cases where the remedy you seek may not involve the courts, we can also help.

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We use them for work, play, shopping and when researching something like the possibility of hiring a private investigator. The same is true for cheaters. In a growing number of cases, people are meeting and developing relationships online. They are in chat rooms having online conversations, posting messages to discussion bulletin boards and visiting websites to meet people. Frequently these relationships grow from a cyber-affair into a real-world relationship.

Offline relationship but dating casually? View our View our Online Infidelity Check. Scammer confirmed Scammers Username: angelynhart02 Dating Site:​.

Technology has come a long way. Our investigators embrace technology as a way to locate people, track people, and collect other information that is pertinent to any case. BBB Accreditation is an honor; for nearly a century, your BBB has set and upheld high standards for fair and honest business behavior. Not every company is eligible for BBB Accreditation, so be proud of what […]. March 16, First in a series.

The department released internal affairs investigations and other records to […]. SpyMyHeart is a full-service California private Investigations agency which aims to protect the programs and interests of our clients through active and aggressive investigation skills. Find out today. GPS Tracking Sleep better at night knowing where your kids are.


We deliver facts and proof of infidelity, and we do it good. Our combination with technology and surveillance techniques we give you everything you need to know – wherever you are. People are very creative when the lie, and when they managed to do this for a long time many time for more than years , they get good at it. They lie, and you- as his partner don’t see the signs, and you dont see anything abnormal. We seen people boarding a plane without actually beeing on the flight.

a rull range of services to conduct infidelity or cheating partner investigations. If you are in a marriage or dating or online-dating relationship and would like a​.

But it has, or at least you suspect it has, and you need to know. Below are some frequently asked questions and what to expect should we be hired. Is this because cheating is rampant? There are many lists posted around the Internet on signs of a cheating spouse. In the case of a male cheating, his credit card statements can also indicate a problem.

The marriage is in trouble before the suspicions of an affair came up. Phone calls are not answered during this time and a later explanation of where they were is vague. The cheating spouse has a prior history of infidelity. This way, if spotted together, they have a cover story. In reality, the relationship is sexual and often emotional, as well. The amount of time required is based on several variables including: 1.

How often does the cheating occur? How often is the investigator out? How much proof does our client require?

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Cheating , infidelity, adultery, being unfaithful or having an affair, whatever you call it, it is likely to be one of the most painful and devastating things that can happen to you. Not knowing if your spouse is cheating on you or not is equally as painful. Even the prospect of a loved one being unfaithful is painful and extremely disruptive. As private investigators, we see this first hand every day.

Our private investigation services include Cold Case Investigations, Online Dating Investigations, Infidelity & Child Custody Investigations, as well as.

At A1A Investigators we are your infidelity experts. We have Florida private investigators that are infidelity specialists. They have been specifically trained in the field of infidelity investigations. If you want to know where your spouse or significant other is or what they are up to then call us for the truth.

If there is infidelity going on we will find it. Throughout our years of infidelity investigations, the private investigators at A1A Investigators put together a list from our past infidelity investigations that all had one or more of these signs that lead us to determine that there was some type of infidelity going on.

If you find any of these signs going on in your significant other wait no longer and contact us for a free consultation today. Are they going tanning all of a sudden and never liked the sun before? Did they start going to the gym all of a sudden after years of never going?

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Hiring a private investigator PI will provide you with the information you need fast. There are rules, however, in what types of evidence are considered admissible in the court of law. It is important to keep in mind that, although a Private Investigator can help you find out the truth in many ways, they are not magicians. They also must act within the law.

Our comprehensive Infidelity Investigation service is customized for each individual Dating and social media websites are more increasingly being used by.

Elizabeth Brock Licensed, bonded, and insured private investigator with over 10 years of experience. With yet another social media dating site on the rise on such a large platform, this will leave the door open for more potential scammers on yet another dating site. This dating platform requires its users to create a separate profile for individuals to use the app. The app finds individuals by your location and matches its users based on their preferences picked out when creating the profile.

It also reestablishes your interest based on your Facebook activity. Because Facebook is such a large platform with millions of users, the app has been gaining a lot of traction since its launch. Like all dating apps, Facebook Dating will have catfishes and con artists who are looking to scam those looking for love. Reports to the FBI has tripled over the last few years. Many dating scams may arise on dating sites, and Facebook Dating. Here are the top 3 that we have seen:.

The Sweetheart Scam: The scam goes like this: you meet someone new on the internet and they begin chatting with you. Things quickly progress towards a romantic direction.

Is your partner cheating on you?

Do you think your partner Husband, Wife, Girlfriend or Boyfriend might be having an affair? At KENYA Private Investigators, our cheating partner and infidelity investigations can remove the doubts and either set your mind at ease or provide you with irrefutable evidence to confront the problem. In most cases it is subtle or at times, major changes in behaviour that causes suspicion.

Infidelity investigations involve covertly following an individual believed to be cheating media, dating profiles, and taking witness statements to establish infidelity. Mayhem Solutions Group is able to service your needs locally, by having.

We are often tasked with uncovering whether a partner has been unfaithful in a relationship. Unfortunately, this suspicion is often proven to be true. Uncertainty in the long term can also undermine a relationship. Many people get the impression — mostly from movies — that private investigators work as lone wolves perhaps with a single partner to sneak after the surveilled person, and all it takes to succeed is good observation skills and alertness. The truth is that surveillance is teamwork.

It requires the synchronised cooperation of a well-oiled team, which is why it is one of the more expensive services in private investigation. At the same time, it is perhaps the only way to acquire absolute certainty. Based on our general experiences, men and women equally solicit this service, with women using it slightly more frequently: the average ratio is to women. In addition to the above, there may be many other signs that your partner is cheating on you. If you pick up on these signs, it is often not the best idea to start investigating on your own.

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Confidential Immediate Results. Knowledge is Power. Are they constantly texting or disappearing to make secret calls?

Online Dating Investigations are vital in today’s world. If we do surveillance on a suspicious partner and discover that she is cheating, we can obtain Both services, Online Dating Investigations and Relationship Coaching, will either give​.

We are experts when it comes to catching cheating spouses and partners. We have solved numerous cheating spouse cases. We will help bring the facts into focus. Infidelity is one of the hardest things to face head on. It can also cause more problems in the long run if not dealt with as soon as possible. Online Cheating is rapidly growing every year. Most of these affairs start on social media websites such as Facebook, Snap Chat, Tinder and Instagram.

Although some still occur on dating websites. Cheating with a co-worker is not uncommon. Approximately 40 percent of the people that have an affair do so at their work place. This is most likely due to the convenience and personal relationship that are already established. Stop second guessing your self. We are experts when it comes to finding out the truth. We can obtain the information you need quickly and confidentially.

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Do you believe that your partner is cheating or having an affair with someone else? Then you need to speak to our Private Investigation team to discuss further. Suspicious that your partner is hiding something from you? At UK Private Investigators , our cheating partner and infidelity investigations can remove the doubts and either set your mind at ease or provide you with irrefutable evidence to confront the problem. It can be a difficult time should you suspect your partner is not being faithful.

Obviously, if your partner is cheating, you definitely have the right to know.

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Entering a relationship at first has a sense of everlasting security and warmth. We never expect our partners to engage in such acts, but unfortunately infidelity and adultery is very common. Any adultery investigation is difficult under the best of circumstances. The feelings of betrayal, guilt, and doubt can be very destructive and overwhelming, resulting in a loss of objectivity and good judgment.

Anyone that believes they could be the victim of adultery can use a trained infidelity private investigator to uncover the truth in an unbiased and objective manner. It can also involve researching social media, dating profiles, and taking witness statements to establish infidelity. Simply put, in an infidelity investigation, your private investigator will do whatever is necessary within legal and ethical boundaries to find you the evidence you need.

There are a variety of behaviors that may indicate a cheating partner. Our experienced staff has decades of experience which includes the latest methods of approach.

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